Modern Warfare 3: Strike packages

One of the upsides to the new Modern Warfare 3 is the ability to choose strike packages according to your class. There are three different strike packages available with different killstreak rewards. These are earned when you obtain a certain amount of kills for each.

First there is the Assault strike package. Available killstreak rewards are as follows:

  • UAV – 3 kills
  • Care Package – 4 kills
  • I.M.S. – 5 kills
  • Predator Missile – 5 kills
  • Sentry Gun – 5 kills
  • Precision Airstrike – 6 kills
  • Attack Helicopter – 7 kills
  • Strafe Run – 9 kills
  • AH-6 Overwatch – 9 kills
  • Reaper – 9 kills
  • Assault Drone – 10 kills
  • AC130 – 12 kills
  • Pave Low – 12 kills
  • Juggernaut – 15 kills
  • Osprey Gunner – 17 kills
With the Assault package, the options are definitely more deadly than the others. However, in order to earn these rewards, you must successfully obtain your kills without dying for which ever 3 you’ve picked. Example; If you have a UAV, Care package, and Attack Helicopter you must kill 7 people in a row to use all 3. If you manage to get only 3-4 before dying you’ll only be able to use the UAV or care package (maybe both if you get to 4) and once killed, your rewards are reset.  This strike package is better for those who are more confident they can achieve their selected killstreak rewards, without dying in the process.
Secondly, there’s the Support strike package. The killstreak rewards for this particular package are as follows:
  • UAV – 4 kills
  • Counter UAV – 5 kills
  • Ballistic Vests – 5 kills
  • Airdrop Trap – 5 kills
  • Sam Turret – 8 kills
  • Recon Drone – 10 kills
  • Advanced UAV – 12 kills
  • Remote Turret – 12 kills
  • Stealth Bomber – 14 killser
  • EMP – 18 kills
  • Juggernaut Recon – 18 kills
  • Escort Airdrop – 18 kills

The Support package is better for those who wish to be a true team player, because the rewards benefit your entire team. The plus to using this strike package is that it doesn’t matter how many times you die, your rewards continue, as long as you manage to get as many kills as you have set.

Lastly, is the Specialist strike package. The rewards work like this; As opposed to weapons and technology, you receive perks. A selected perk is rewarded after 2, 4, and 6 kills. All 15 perks are activated at 8 kills. I haven’t personally used this strike package yet, although I’ve played with some who have, and they claim it works quite well for them.

Also, the MOAB aka “Mother of All Bombs” is available for any strike package as long as you can manage to get a score of 25 kills without dying. The MOAB is much like the Tactical nuke from the last Modern Warfare, meaning it kills everyone and destroys everything. However, the MOAB does not end the game, and whichever team has used the MOAB is then rewarded with Double XP for the remainder of the match. Pretty sweet if you ask me!

So, what strike package do you get the most enjoyment out of and why? Let us know!


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