Modern Warfare 3: Maps too ‘messy’?

Since the game was first released, Modern Warfare 3 has been under fire from its users in regards to the maps being far too messy. Not graphics wise, but literally, these maps are a total mess. Many of the maps have so much clutter and trash lying around, it’s hard to see at a distance.

Now, I understand we’re in the middle of a war in this game. But even previous maps for past Modern Warfare games appeared as though there was a war going on, and had much less trash lying around. It looks as though each map has already had the MOAB (Mother of All Bombs) go off within it. This can make things more difficult at times. I’ve noticed a lot of people tend to lay down among the garbage, becoming virtually camouflaged within the mess. Not only are you slightly infuriated when you realize you were just shot by Oscar the camper who enjoys living in a giant pile of crap for entire matches, but it definitely puts a damper on the game itself when you put things into perspective and come to the conclusion that not only is that guy a wimp, but these maps I paid 60 dollars to play on are completely filthy.

If this game were truly realistic to its core, I’d be concerned for my guys health. Not just because he’s getting shot at all the time, but he’s also at high risk for dysentery, and some bladder issues since he’s constantly running around in garbage. I’ve taken notice to so many random items lying around during matches, that it becomes distracting and leaves me wondering why someone took so much time to incorporate such filth into these maps.

At the end of the day I still love this game, and I’m completely addicted. However, I have high hopes that when the new maps are released, they’re at least slightly less dirty than ones we have now. Please?

Does anyone else feel as though you’ve just arrived in grouchland when a match starts? What are your opinions on the matter? Let us know!


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