Modern Warfare 3: Dropzone

Modern Warfare 3 added a community playlist for the first time with the game type “Dropzone”. If you haven’t already played this game type, I’d highly recommend doing so. Here’s how it works; You camp on the dropzone and receive care packages as long as you remain there. If a certain amount of people on the same team manage to camp on the dropzone, an escort airdrop is rewarded.

This game type is good for those who wish to up their overall K/D ratio as long as you can manage to hold down the dropzone. The care packages are usually pretty decent in my experience and once you manage to get a few good drops, you’re basically set for the game.

I was extremely pleased to see a community playlist added to the game, because this leaves room for future game types which are hopefully just as good as the first. Other games have been known to do this sort of thing, such as Halo: Reach and Gears of War 3 which has a special event playlist every so often.(usually holidays or with new DLC releases) Either way it makes these games much more enjoyable.

This game type could very well take the place of my current favorite; kill confirmed. So, if you haven’t already done so, go give dropzone a try, and let us know how you like it! Or if you’ve already played it, let us know your thoughts.


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  2. Professor Chaos