Modern Warfare 3: DLC Collection 2 Available

Modern Warface 3 DLC

Modern Warfare 3 recently released DLC Collection 2 on Xbox Live  for non-Elite members to purchase. The month of May has been Modern Warfare 3’s biggest month thus far for downloadable content. While previously releasing 1-3 items per month, whether it be a map or special ops mission, they put out 7 this month alone. This included two free maps (free for everyone, not just Elite members)Erosion, and Aground for the new game type “Face Off”. They also released the map “Oasis”, two special ops missions “Killswitch” and “Iron clad” as well as two more “Face Off” maps: “Getaway” and “Lookout”. These are all available for purchase by either going to “Store” via game menu or the Xbox Live Game Marketplace.

As for the month of June Elite members will receive a new map, new special ops mission, and one ‘classified’ item not yet known. DLC Collection 3 will most likely be a combination of the remaining months left on the ‘content calendar’ located on the Call of Duty Elite website.

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