Modern Warfare 3: Best class to use?

Modern Warfare 3 gives you a lot of options when making a class. You also have the ability to make 5 classes, and if you have some spare prestige tokens, you can make even more. The classes you can make are also dependent on what guns, perks, proficiency etc. that you have unlocked thus far.

Let’s say you’re level 80, and you don’t plan to prestige anytime soon solely because you want to rack up some kills with your better guns. What are the best classes to use to do this? One can’t be sure if the class you’re using is the best, but if it works for you, then you’re set!

Listed below is my favorite class that I use, in detail.  Note that I mostly play Kill Confirmed and Team Deathmatch.

Custom class 1: I have the ACR 6.8 assault rifle set for use.

  • Proficiency: Attachments. This allows two attachments to a weapon versus one.
  • Attachments: Silencer, and ACOG Scope. I find that silenced weapons are much better to use, but being that silencers take off a bit of range, I also attach the ACOG which cancels out any loss of range I get with the silencer.
  • Lethal: Claymore. Because it’s awesome to watch noobs come around a corner and blow up.
  • Tactical: EMP Grenade. Destroys enemy electrical equipment. This comes in handy for me a lot!
  • Perk 1: I have sleight of hand pro. Faster reloads, and weapon swaps.
  • Perk 2: Quickdraw pro. The ACOG Scopes in slightly slower than holographic sight and red dot. Quickdraw pro helps me zoom in faster, and recover from equipment and grenade usage quicker.
  • Perk 3: Marksman. I just started using this as my third perk, and I get long shots a lot with this!
  • Strike package: Support. I have a UAV set, an airdrop trap, and a stealth bomber. UAV’s always come in handy, and believe it or not, I have AWESOME luck with the airdrop trap. I’ve gotten tons of double kills from someone attempting to steal my “care package” and having a teammate too close by. The stealth bomber is self explanatory, I always get kills with it.
  • Deathstreak: I have final stand set. Might as well take you down with me! I’ve also gotten back up a couple of times when using this.
  • Secondary weapon: Machine Pistol; Skorpion. No attachments!

My K/D has improved quite a bit using this class, and I doubt I’ll be changing it anytime soon. I have different classes, depending on what map I’m playing, but for the most part, I use this one. I’m not much of a sniper, and I do have a sniping class set, but it’s probably far less superior than those who snipe on a regular basis. I also have a shotgun class, just in case! I hardly use it, but I figure it may come in handy at times. My other 2 classes consist of a different assault rifle, and a sub machine gun.

As stated above, the best class to use is probably hard to determine and would depend on player and player skill.  In the end it may simply be a matter of opinion.

Now that you know my favorite class, I’d like to know yours. Tell me, in detail, your favorite class to use!


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