Modern Warfare 3: Campers Galore

Having played the original Modern Warfare along with Modern Warfare 2, I won’t lie when I say I found them both to be quite enjoyable. I played the 2nd for hours on end, and ended up getting pretty damn good at the game. When Modern Warfare 3 came out I was expecting a little more than what I got, but I wasn’t disappointed. I still find myself playing it on a regular basis when I’m not owning face on Gears of War 3. So, what is that makes these games seem like a repeat of the last? Guns, map styles, but most of all I believe it’s the online community. A lot of games bring back old guns, old maps, identical game-play style but they don’t receive nearly as much negative feedback as the Call of Duty franchise. Why is that?

In my opinion the reason COD haters despise the game so much isn’t because they suck at the game, or because they have to use the same old guns. Those are simply “extras” to complain about. I think the COD online community has become far too comfortable with the repetitive non-sense, and has grown quite accustom to playing a certain way. These people continually camp, and do other annoying tid-bits solely because that’s what they’re used to doing. There’s nothing new about playing, because the second you’re matched up with others in a game, you’re constantly trying to sneak by campers which could very well be a majority of the opposing team.

SOME of us don’t like laying in the grass or pitching a tent and building a fire within a structure just to live there the entire match. Where’s the fun in that?! I prefer to feel like I’m doing something other than praying for someone to walk around a corner. How many kill cams do you see of people crouching or laying down, already scoped in and ready to kill while peering out a window, into a doorway, or around a corner? Yeah, exactly.  Give me a break!

I’m no call of duty hater, in fact as I previously stated I do enjoy the game and I’m pretty good at it. But sometimes the frustrations that come from the online community can be pretty overwhelming and in my head I’m threatening to turn my game disc into a frisbee. The only thing that keeps me going is that satisfying feeling you get when shoot a camper in the face. What makes that EVEN better? When they go back to the same spot and you can do it again. Thanks, guy! (Or girl)

Now I realize this is a touchy issue with COD haters, and COD lovers alike. And personally, this is just my opinion on why I think people dislike the game.(among other reasons of course) However, I do realize I could be wrong! So, if that’s the case share your opinion with me, and let me know!



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