In-Depth: Best Sniper Rifle In Black Ops 2

Oh, the sniper. An amazing piece of gear capable of obliterating any individual with a single shot. Effectively, at the least in genuine life, anyway. In Black Ops 2, and any other Call of Duty game, snipers are nonetheless highly effective weapons. But to be able to take down your opponents with grace and swiftness you should know the particulars of every single sniper in the game.

These days we’re going to take an in-depth look at these weapons and reveal which can be the best sniper in BO2. Let’s get to it…


The Ballista is my absolute favorite sniper inside the game. It is quick, powerful, and simple to use. I originally began out applying absolutely nothing however the DSR but then a single day decided to switch for the Ballista and I immediately fell in like with it. It’s a bolt-action sniper rifle with moderate harm, a rate of fire of 51 RPM, along with a magazine size of 7 rounds (10 if you equip extended clip to it).

You may get hit markers utilizing the Ballista. But do not let that fool you. Due to how correct this weapon is and how quick the Ads time is you will have the ability to really speedily and efficiently wipe out opponents. Even if you might have to take a second shot (which honestly is not as usually as some people say) you’ll be able to do it rapidly. This weapon is usually a one-shot kill in the chest up. So take your time and get applied to aiming path for the man-boobs to have instant kills every time.

Most effective Attachments:

Extended Clip (really beneficial for once you obtain yourself facing a number of enemies or after you get hit markers)
Ballistics CPU (gives slightly enhanced accuracy by decreasing the amount of sway)
Silencer (the silencer does not look to influence the damage or range of this sniper at all but keeps you off radar)


The DSR-50 is my 2nd preferred sniper in the game. It is a bolt action style weapon with some extremely impressive stats. The DSR features a low price of fire at only 50 RPM and a smaller magazine size at just 5 rounds (7 in the event the extended clip attachment is equipped). But that does not quit this weapon from becoming a deadly powerhouse of discomfort. It has the highest damage out of each of the other snipers in Black Ops 2. Any shot from the waist up is a one-hit kill.

The DSR doesn’t have the very best accuracy and it also features a slow Ads (aiming down sights) speed nevertheless it does pack a heavy punch. The recoil and sway truly aren’t that bad. Should you take the time to ensure that you aim for the stomach and up you will take out enemies incredibly simply and rapidly. When it is not the most well known option, it’s nevertheless pretty feasible to quickscope with this sniper, as well.

Very best Attachments:

Extended Clip (to boost the initial clip size from five to 7)
Ballistics CPU (to decrease the quantity of sway producing it much easier to aim)
Rapidly Mag (to enhance upon the slow reload speed of your DSR)


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