Ghosts: Call of Duty Already Set to Face Battlefield

May possibly 1st has marked the official announcement of Call of Duty: Ghosts. Following a handful of weeks of some pretty precise rumors players minds have been place at ease when Activision lastly announced that the rumors had been generally correct.

What we have learned as far as in-game specifics so far is the fact that the upcoming game within the renowned series are going to be set within a future setting with modern weapons; there’s an totally new cast of characters and an completely new plotline. Call of Duty: Ghosts is going to be the next-generation of Call of Duty that is a massive statement considering we’re speaking in regards to the franchise that entirely overtook the present console generation that we are at present gaming on.

With all that within the front of our thoughts the continual battle between EA and Activision nonetheless lingers. It can be no secret that 2013 not merely marks the release of but another Call of Duty game however it will also be the year that EA releases the considerably anticipated Battlefield 4. Battlefield 3 gave Activision some thing to sweat about but never pulled by means of as becoming one thing that could dethrone the king of military first-person shooters. Now that we have strong confirmation that Call of Duty: Ghosts is coming it really is only natural to compare it to its biggest rival, Battlefield 4.

Right after Get in touch with of Duty’s teaser announcement, (much more to come at the upcoming next generation Xbox reveal on May 21st) fans swarmed the newly made social networks to show their support. Call of Duty: Ghost grew fast and continues to develop with numerous sweepstakes that happen to be becoming promoted by the games actual social media team. The Facebook page grew to more than 25,000 likes within a short time frame when the top rated Call of Duty: Ghosts Twitter (@CODNextGen) pages sits nicely at more than 220,000 follows though Call of Duty’s currently established Twitter account (@CallofDuty) has nearly a million followers . These impressive numbers have been reached in about a week (by the time this short article is actual set to read they’re going to possibly be nicely more than what they appear here). The Call of Duty teaser announcement set the video game industry ablaze with excitement just because it does each and every year.

Even though players still enjoy to compare these two games and lots of are hopping for Battlefield 4 to overcome the industry giant, we can only be uncertain if this is anything more than just a hope or fantasy. They are going to each probably be two from the greatest games this year and both make a bouquet of wealth but 1 are going to be extra well-liked than the other. With that being mentioned which game are you currently hopping to become the bigger military first-person shooter? Is there even a possibility Call of Duty will ultimately be taken out by its prime competitor or would be the believed unlikely? Is there one game you are going to be buying more than the other and why? You, the players, are who control the market. It’s your desires and your desires that have to be met and these games are wanting to impress you.


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