Gamer Sells Online Shooter Body Guard Service

TobySmith, A user over at is selling an online Bodyguard service where he promises to protect you from all enemies in a majority of Shooters.

The listing not only offers protection but also mentions that he will give his own life to protect yours in game at all times.

I will be your personal online bodyguard for 30 minutes in most shooters on Xbox 360. I will be by your side the entire time and will fight for you, keeping enemies away from you, protecting you when you snipe, even SACRIFICING MY LIFE to save yours. This is 1/2 hour of GAME TIME, meaning time taken to join a game won’t be included. Please message me for details. MW3 not available at the moment, I will notify customers when it is.

So if your in the mood for going flawless and have £5/$8 to splash, then why not buy this for 30 mins of game time.


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