Downloadable Content: I’m Aggravated!

Now, I’ve been playing games for years. Downloadable content, or map-packs have always been somewhat exciting. It adds something new to a game you might be getting bored with. Reignites that ‘new’ feeling to the game.

However, as much as I love having something new to do on a game I’ve been getting somewhat aggravated with how costly these add-on’s have become. They are literally emptying my wallet! Gears of War 3 has had a new DLC every month since it’s release, which will include yet another most likely in February. As much as it excites me to play on new maps, acquire new skins and characters, and have the ability to ‘re-up’ I simply can’t help but feel like I’m a sucker for purchasing every DLC they throw out each month. Now, I’m not going to lie when I say RAAM’s Shadow was completely worth the 1200 Microsoft points solely for the 3 hour campaign. But, again this was something I could barely afford to do!

I’m sure most of you are aware of Modern Warfare 3’s recent release of their first DLC. This is exactly the type of crap that pisses me off. I spend 60 dollars on a game, get a couple of months worth of play and now I’m expected to dish out another 50-60 dollars for a premium subscription in order to get maps otherwise unobtainable for purchase until a later date. Even then I’ll have to pay, and the maps will be old news for those who have been playing them for 2 months already. I realize the Elite subscription is supposed to be equal to that of a season pass, but this has honestly become ridiculous in my eyes. I pay what I could to purchase a different, brand new game, in order to get extra content for a game I’ve already paid for. Really? Am I the only one who feels like this is some kind of joke?

These games get less enjoyable and more repetitive with each new release, and yet more expensive. So, basically we’re paying for the same crap over and over again. Games used to be a lot more consumer friendly, with our needs and wants in mind. Now? It’s all about sucking as much money as they can from us. Being a gamer has become almost stressful!

Unfortunately, I can’t refrain from playing these games thus making me feel like the biggest hypocrite ever. But regardless of everything I’ve said add-on’s will continue to dupe me every time! Minus the most recent Modern Warfare 3 DLC.. I really actually couldn’t make that one happen.

So, what’s your opinion on the matter? Am I in the wrong? Let us know!


  1. Brendon Nutt
  2. Fauzeem Farhaaz
  3. Kellymiester