CoD Black Ops II: New Prestige System Give the Game Life or Flaws?

Everyone which has ever played multiplayer on Contact of Duty would understand that regardless of the games popularity it has generally been flawed. Following progressing to the best level the plays has been ‘awarded’ with the option to acquire access to a new icon but loose all progress they’ve produced on.

Immediately after the player got themselves to a point exactly where they’ve everything just the way they wanted; all of that progress was taken away from them if they wished to show off their expertise and playtime with a new prestige icon. In other words, as soon as you have reached the leading, you will be kicked straight back down towards the bottom to complete it all more than again. Now that’s the sort of repetitive gameplay that gets a little bit old year following year; players can only get to the best spot countless times to possess all their rewards taken away and it gets boring. Now, that old prestige method has been gutted and replaced having a method that will not penalize players for reaching the top within the upcoming release, Black Ops II. Sounds terrific does not it? Possibly so and possibly not, this system sounds rewarding but is it really hiding new difficulties that may surly arise?

Very first let’s start with all the positives; this program is rewarding to the player as an individual. The moment you’ve got unlocked a reward it’ll no longer be taken away from you and also you shall be able to get those cool looking new icons that absolutely everyone brags about. If there is a gun you like applying, it is possible to keep making use of that gun, leveling it up, personalizing it and each time you use that gun it will be in the level you left it on with the look you wanted. As a player, you are going to get to personalize how you play the game together with the gear you applied and it’ll be yours. It is a brand new safe feeling that has by no means came with any Call of Duty game. You happen to be working with what you desire to play the game, bettering your expertise with how you wish to play and that course of action will continue and obviously really feel rewarding as an alternative to somewhat disappointed.


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