CoD Black Ops 2: Zombies and Grief mode introduced

Treyarch’s bonus zombie mode was meant as a specific, throwaway time destroyer when it was injected into Get in touch with of Duty: Planet at War. “It’s born out of the passion in the group,” Treyarch boss Mark Lamia says at a latest preview event showcasing a lot more multiplayer content material and teasing the co-operative zombie killing mode.

Though its recognition has grown with every single Contact of Duty release tasked to Treyarch – the group behind this fall’s Contact of Duty: Black Ops two – the developer has under no circumstances attempted to attach a fiction to the mode. As Lamia tells us, the fervent zombie mode fan community has taken on that job for itself.

“The story is sort of crowd-sourced. It really is this phenomenon. It was remarkable, when we place it out, people today wanted to attach a story to it and you saw them start out to accomplish it.” Fans began to link components from the zombies mode, Lamia notes – including everything from textures utilized inside the mode to weapons strewn about – in order to connect it for the franchise’s established narrative.

With its most aggressive fans busy thrusting themselves in to the role of fan fiction auteur, Treyarch continues to expand the zombie play space. So substantially has its concept for the mode grown, it really is tough to envision we will not a single day see zombies as its personal standalone game in the future. Till then, the newest iteration with the zombies mode is peppered using the identical ambition we’ve observed scattered all through the rest of Black Ops two.


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