CoD Black Ops 2: Wii U vs rivals graphics

If you are now the proud owner of a brand spanking new Nintendo Wii U console, we’ve a feeling that a single of your launch games purchased was Black Ops two. It is now obtainable to play on Nintendo’s new technique for your initially time and we already possess a amazing video to suit your needs to watch, providing you an initial look at how these ‘next gen’ Wii U graphics evaluate vs the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of your game.

Those of you playing the Wii U version on the game are probably loving each minute of it at the same time. After experiencing a significant quantity of cut content material within the very first Black Ops game for your Wii, we’re pleased to say that Treyarch has eventually offered gamers the precise same expertise as Xbox 360 and PS3 customers – as far as we can see anyway, minus one or two exceptions like Call of Duty Elite, which is not even accessible for other platforms yet anyway.

The important region that gamers will want information and facts on even though, is how fantastic the Wii U version looks when compared to other platforms. A video has been released providing you a clear look at this – comparing the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions with Wii U on a chosen campaign mission.

Prior to you get started watching although, we do need to point out that the Computer version is listed also – while this shouldn’t definitely aspect in this comparison as generally, the Pc version would look far superior to any other platform. With stated and done even though, the video shows you that the Wii U version can certainly hold its own and arguably looks like the superior version as well with a crisper resolution and lighting effects than on console.

Microsoft when mentioned that the Wii U is really a ‘basically’ an Xbox 360 whenever you search at graphical capabilities, but we have to disagree on this instance. The Wii U version looks amazing as well as much better when using the GamePad for some distinctive navigation capabilities not obtainable on other platforms.

When you are dying to determine what multiplayer looks like, we’ve added a Wii U Black Ops two multiplayer gameplay clip for you too, with an additional revelation to make around the return from the killcam, that is now present on a Nintendo Call of Duty game lastly! Take a look at the graphics comparison video first though and let us know what version you consider looks the most beneficial.

Are you shocked to view the game searching so impressive on the Wii U, regardless of all the early criticism over hardware possible?


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