CoD Black Ops 2: Know multiplayer? Think again

“Multiplayer could be the lifeblood of the franchise,” says Treyarch’s studio head, Mark Lamia. “Call of Duty multiplayer is played 365 days a year, twenty-four seven, around the globe. But we are able to do improved.”

“Black Ops did everything we wanted it to complete. We had the customisation, the theatre, the emblem editor, great maps, fantastic alternatives – but among the factors that it did not do is look in the gameplay and say: ‘hey, let’s considerably innovate upon a few of these core systems.’ Black Ops II takes the core systems and does a thing new.”

Black Ops II is CoD’s most significant multiplayer overhaul given that Call of Duty four. For the very first time you will be capable of make a custom class entirely from scratch, play with six teams in a single game, livestream games without having highly-priced Pc hardware, and in many cases enter games as a commentator using a committed e-sports HUD.

But a lot more than that, it is the initial CoD exactly where every mode rewards you for playing it adequately, and where each and every weapon and each perk might be rebalanced on a micro level at Treyarch’s finish. The moment a perk proves too effective it can be nerfed without removing it due to the fact CoD, says multiplayer designer David Vonderhaar, has develop into a sport and sports have to be fair.

“I’ve observed our game on the primary stage at MLG with a hundred people in the stands rooting for their team,” says Vonderhaar. “I’ve observed it and I believe: ‘I’ve got to a locate a solution to give this to everyone.’ I do not know what will come about but I’m certain as f*ck going to try mainly because I’ve entertaining watching these people today play, since it really is very good for e-sports and for the reason that it really is superior for this small business. If we do it right I hope somebody comes along, copies what we did and finds strategies to make it even far better. I want this to catch on the way perks did. This could be the next massive factor.”

SPORTING Likelihood

For the very first time in any console game, a single button click will let you stream your games towards the net. “All you must livestream is usually a small bit of upstream bandwidth plus a USB camera if you would like picture-in-picture,” says Vonderhaar. “Right now, those who livestream must possess a laptop with quite expensive hardware and lots of cables, and we eliminate all that.”

“You’ll be capable of watch streamed games anywhere – your phone, your iPad, your laptop…” says Lamia. “We’re demoing it on our personal webpage internally, but there’s nothing magical concerning the feed itself, and nothing to quit you from broadcasting it when and how you wish.”


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