CoD Black Ops 2: Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg

Die Rise like other zombie maps in Black Ops 2 comes having a hidden Easter Egg and completing the Easter Egg unlocks High Maintenance achievement or trophy. You’ll find two paths you’ll be able to take to finish the Easter Egg; you are able to either complete Maxis or Richtofen side.

Deciding on either side and completing the Easter Egg will net you Higher Maintenance achievement. In addition, 1st 3 methods is going to be similar regardless of whether you decide on to complete Maxis or Richtofen side.

In case you dig secrets and can not wait to unlock the mysteries of Die Rise, follow the step by step guidelines. Just before attempting this, ensure the energy is on simply because you cannot access the elevators without it. Additionally, you ought to have constructed the Nav Card table.
Black Ops two Die Rise High Maintenance Easter Egg
Step #1 – Activate Elevator Symbols

There are actually four golden Chinese symbols which are located on top rated of each elevator. Two of these symbols may be discovered around the elevators within the spawn constructing and two on the elevators within the radio tower.

Elevator Symbol #1
Location. Just outside the two double doors in the principal beginning region; exactly where the swift revive is.

Elevator Symbol #2
Place. Down the escalator stairs, coming out on the spawn region, take a ideal to reach this elevator using the golden symbol.

Elevator Symbol #3
Place. Inside the tower creating, exactly where two elevators are side by side. Appear for the golden symbol inside the elevator around the left.

Elevator Symbol #4(a)
Place. On leading on the tower developing, down the ramp.

All 4 players ought to jump on separate golden symbols simultaneously. You should have superior coordination and timing to produce it operate. When performed ideal, these symbols will glow.

For those who cannot get it suitable, you’ll be able to make use of the keys you come across at the bottom from the freight elevator to time it far better by bringing all elevators for the prime level. Any time you do that ideal, not merely the symbols will glow, but you also get to hear 1 of Richtofen’s quotes.
Step #2 – Activate Floor Chinese Symbols

Comparable to what you did inside the 1st step, you have to explore the floor and activate each of the remaining golden Chinese symbols on the floors throughout the buildings. There are actually two in the primary spawn creating and two inside the radio tower building.

The catch right here is; these symbols should be activated in specific order, and order is random for everybody. Again, you should coordinate together with your teammates to hit them one at a time.

Golden Symbol #1
Location. Outside the double doors inside the spawn region, on the floor, in front in the elevator.

Golden Symbol #2
Location. Three levels down, within the meals court location, within the middle of the floor.

Golden Symbol #3
Location. On the radio tower creating, just down in the tower. To reach it, jump down and go up the ramp. If you reach the tower, jump down for the correct hand side and appear for it around the ground.

Golden Symbol #4
Location. It’s on second final (decrease) level inside the radio tower constructing. Around the balcony using the blue tarp.


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