Can Black Ops II Break Sale Records?

Can Black Ops 2 Break Sale Record

Colin Sebastian of Baird believes that AAA games like Black Ops 2 need a hardware upgrade.  If Black Ops 2 want to shine in the market, it really needs a new hardware.  Analysts speculate strong overall performance but included that it won’t be any better than first Black Ops.

From the sales point of view, the first Black Ops had already set an enormously high sale bar (more than 25 million copies were sold worldwide, which makes it the best-selling game in the US, UK and Europe). However, does Black Ops II have any chance to smash this high record? reported that Black Ops 2 has generated about 3 times the amount of day 1 pre-orders managed by the first Blacks Ops.  But analysts don’t think it’s going to break any records.

The massive appeal of Call of Duty (First Person Shooter) games and Activision’s marketing muscle can’t be underestimated.  On the other hand, Colin Sebastain believes that developers are working with around 7 years old technology in the era where smart TVs and tablets can soon catch up and be as powerful.

I think games like Call of Duty need new console hardware – developers are working with 7-year-old technology in an environment when tablets and smart TVs will soon be just as powerful. Colin Sebastian

What do you think; does Black Ops II  really need a new hardware to beat sale records or do you believe on  COD appeal?


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