An Early Release of Call of Duty Continues to Break Gaming Records

Call of Duty - First Person Shooter Game

It is never too late to catch a Call of Duty release. This is one of the best first Person shooter game and the most significant and realistic games available today because it focuses on marksmanship on a real battlefront.  Indeed, the earliest of a string of sequels slated for this year has already gone far beyond the usual promise of the series.  ‘Modern Warfare 3’, the incumbent engagement, has made gaming chronicles with its success with fans by breaking grossing records.

Now the makers of Call of Duty, which has been going for the last seven years, are contemplating to roll out two major series for this year.  These will follow each other with one expected in mid-June and the other by early fall.  2013 will see Blizzard releases of first person shooter games in similar intervals that are set to give a new image to the gaming world.  They will introduce great machines of war.  Enthusiasts are likely to stay fascinated in their Xbox and PlayStation platforms.

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