Call of Duty:Iron Wolf – Will there be Zombies?

It’s a well known fact that one reason Call of Duty: Black ops was so popular is because it brought back a mini-game,(which isn’t really so mini) Zombies.  I’d say a good portion of people who purchased Modern Warfare 3, kept their Black ops solely for the zombie play.

Now, having heard of the supposed future release of Call of Duty: Iron Wolf, one is left wondering whether or not this, too, will have zombies. Being that zombies turned out to be so popular from it’s first appearance on World at War, and again on Black Ops, It’d be a really big mistake for Treyarch developers not to include it in their newest edition to the Call of Duty franchise.

News of this game has been mostly speculation since a Treyarch employee was spotted on Xbox playing it,(refer to the photos below)and after digging around a little, and watching a few youtube videos discussing the game, I couldn’t find anything too solid on the game itself, or whether or not zombies would be included. My money is on, yes. It’d be a completely idiotic move not to! While I’m sure the game will live up to Black Ops fans expectations, I don’t think I’d dish out the 60 dollars for it if it’s zombie-less.


I’ve heard multiple people say that if Call of Duty made a game purely with zombie gameplay and numerous maps to choose from, they’d pay as much as they would for any other Xbox new release. I’d no doubt do the same!

So, What do you think the chances of zombies being on Call of Duty:Iron Wolf are? Do you expect to see it? Let us know!

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