Call of Duty: Zombies VS. Survival Mode

Zombies! One of my favorite survival-based game types. Zombies made its debut on the release of Call of Duty: World at War as a mini-game. It became very popular shortly after the games release and COD players everywhere were addicted.

The game type then reappeared on Call of Duty: Black Ops with new maps, and new abilities. With multiple maps to choose from, and endless waves of zombies, it’s hard not to spend hours running in circles, teleporting, purchasing perks, weapons and even pack-a-punching (upgrading) your weapons and increasing its ability to kill zombies faster and more efficiently. Whether you were playing solo, as a duo, trio, or a group of four the pressure was on to last through as many waves of zombies as possible.

The higher the wave, the harder the zombies and the more of them you have to slaughter. I think it’s safe to say many COD gamers  held on to their copy of Black Ops, even with the release of Modern Warfare 3, simply to continue playing this game type. However, the new Modern Warfare  made an edition to their list of game types by adding Survival mode.

With zombies and Survival mode both being survival-based game types it’s hard for zombie lovers not to compare the two. Survival mode consists of quite a few different maps to choose from, with the same objective as zombies; last through as many waves as possible. Only this time it’s not the undead you have to worry about.. It’s terrorists,(some with C4 strapped to their chest), dogs(also on zombies), and juggernauts. You have two options when obtaining weapons; take the gun of the terrorist you just mowed down, or wait until weapon upgrades are available(which is fairly quick) and purchase one using the points you’ve earned. You also have the ability to purchase explosives and air-based attacks in different areas of the map you’re playing. The more you play, the more weapons, explosives, and air attacks you unlock. You can also receive perks in the form of a care package. Enemies become harder to kill and multiply as the waves continue. However, this game type only allows two players at a time so make sure your buddy is up for the challenge.

Now, me being the type of gamer girl to give any game or game type a try at least once, I was actually very excited to try out Survival mode. I was fairly pleased, and had a decent time playing.. However, after having invested hours into zombies, I can’t say I’d do the same for Survival mode. While Survival mode is a legit game type, I can’t resist the urge to pop in Black Ops and play zombies afterwards. It’s simply so much more exciting! With Easter eggs, the Pentagon thief, George Romero, and even the Astronaut I find zombies to be more intense and less limited. Modern Warfare 3’s multi-player will have me hooked for quite some time, but in the end when it comes to survival based game types on COD zombies is, and always be, my absolute favorite.  So COD players, tell me, what game type do you prefer? Zombies, or Survival mode, and why?

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