Call of Duty: Modern warfare 3: Pros and cons

There’s a lot to be said about the new Modern Warfare. I, myself, am completely in love with the game, but it’s flaws, for some people, can be hard to over-look at times. Let’s start with the upside. The game itself has been improved  in quite a few different ways.

Here are some pros:

  • Shotguns have been moved to primary weapons, and secondary weapons have been limited to launchers and pistols eliminating some over-powering issues from Modern Warfare 2.
  • Grenade launchers, aka, “Noob toobs” have been nerfed and made more difficult to kill with.
  • New weapons and new perks with creative pros.
  • New game types including Kill Confirmed and Survival mode.
  • More reasonable challenges.
  • Weapon skins are now level based as opposed to how many head shots you can get.
  • Killstreak rewards program improved.

These changes have made the game much more enjoyable! Kill Confirmed is definitely a nice alternative for those who love Team Deathmatch, and wish to experience a match with slightly less camping. Survival mode is also an excellent edition to the game. Grab a friend and experience wave after wave of Terrorists, including Juggernauts which will definitely give you a run for your money during higher waves. The options to upgrade guns, obtain explosives, as well as air based attacks are included in survival mode. There are also quite a few maps to choose from while playing this game type! The challenges make it much easier for those who can’t play on a regular basis to accomplish them.  Weapon skins are now obtainable to anyone who can manage to level up! For example the golden skin is available at level 31, as opposed to Modern Warfare 2 where you needed 250 head shots to be able to wear the Fall skin. You can also pick your killstreaks according to class, and whether or not you want them to continue even after you’ve died!

But of course with any game, there are always a few flaws that manage to tick off any true gamer.

Here are some cons:

  • Lack of detail in some of the guns, including the L18A1. Poorly drawn to detail and when compared to the Intervention in Modern Warfare 2 it almost looks as though we’ve gone back in time.
  • Some maps appear to be extremely over-crowded and cluttered with random items.
  • Very few legit sniper maps.
  • Graphics don’t appear to be improved from Modern Warfare 2.
  • Identical game play style, some have even referred to Modern Warfare 3 as “Modern Warfare 2.5” .

The maps can definitely make it harder to identify enemies at times when someone is camping within a clutter ridden shack, or in the dirt next to a pile of random trash. The lack of detail on some of the weapons is something I can easily over-look, but that others probably find a little irritating. Although I don’t mind the identical game play style, I can see why some people consider it to be somewhat disappointing. All in all I think this is a great game, and its positive changes outweigh any minor flaws it has. What do you enjoy about the new Call of Duty, and what has you wanting to turn that game disc into a  miniature frisbee?

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