New Call Of Duty Iron Wolf Site Revealed

A brand new site has come up which shows that the next Call Of Duty game could be called, Call Of Duty Iron Wolf.

It has been rumoured that the next Call Of Duty game, being developed by Treyarch, was codenamed “Iron Wolf” however no one actually expected it to be the real name for the game.

You can view the site here.

Now we are un-sure whether this is a fake however it does look like a good fake at least, a button is featured under the logo which says “Watch Trailer” however as of now nothing happens.

With further investigation into the domain registrar it seems that the domain name was registered through namecheap which seems a little odd, also the name and contact details of the registrar has been protected which could either mean someone is playing a prank on us or a Treyarch/Activision is trying to be secretive.

Inside the HTML of the page is this little quote:

And of Gediminas, who on Ponary’s crest,
Warm in hunter’s bearskin, lay down to rest.
Soothed by the songs of the wise Lizdejko,
Lulled by the rush of the sweet Vilejko,
He saw a wolf of iron in his dreams.

And when searched, a Wikipedia page appears first, view it here


From what we can see, the site is fake, at the bottom of the site we can see that the word “Treyarch” is spelt “Treyerch” which of course is wrong, we don’t believe that such a mistake would be done by ├é┬ádesign professionals who would make an official site.

So tell us in the comments, what do you think?

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