Call of Duty Ghosts: 4 Things We’d Love to See

For me, Infinity Ward has usually developed better Call of Duty than Treyarch games both in single- and multiplayer. I tend to acquire less lag when I play them, and I tend to love the movement and really feel from the IW games a lot more.

That said, there are some features of Black Ops 2 that I’d like to see refined and some from Modern Warfare three that I’d like to see return, and Call of Duty: Ghosts, separate from each the Black Ops and Modern Warfare canons, has the ideal platform to meld these options. The 4 that I’d most prefer to see are:

1 – Team Tactical Mode making a return

This definitely is usually a no-brainer for me. I loved the 4 vs. four objective-based matches in Group Tactical modes in Modern Warfare two, continued to adore them in Modern Warfare 3, and after that discovered that they were missing in Black Ops two (a lot to my horror).

2 – A replacement for Spec Ops

I really find Spec Ops a useless function inside the Modern Warfare franchise, as despite its challenge, it offers incredibly small to the game for me because the structure on the missions is rather comparable for the campaigns. This becomes stale swiftly and it really is a feature I extremely rarely touched. Treyarch’s equivalents have had their mainstay function within the wildly well-known zombie mode, and Infinity Ward needs something equivalent.

The 1 replacement I think could work is often a function akin to the Chaos Mode in Modern Warfare 3’s Spec Ops lineup. It changed the core gameplay by loading the map with enemies and placing guns in an arcade-like “Pick Up and Use Until Empty” format. This allowed a totally unique practical experience as you were also facing off against a depleting time limit and it produced for any frenetic and compelling in-game function. Anything along these lines would benefit Ghosts in terms of replayability and variety.

3 – A Skill-Based matchmaking program

I’m split on this a single, for the reason that I believe that a laggy connection is a thing that I’d rather keep away from. Even so, it is actually rather painful to join a lobby and be confronted by a 20th prestige player with the equivalent with the Death Star’s tractor beam around the under-barrel of his gun and much more accuracy than the Stormtrooper’s onboard.

4 – A committed competitive mode

Commonly when players form clans, they prefer to play against other clans in scrims, playing for the prestige of getting bested one more group of competitive gamers. Having said that, Call of Duty normally tends to make this mode restricted to private matches to set custom rules and weapon restrictions, which pretty much cuts the competitive neighborhood off when it comes to user-friendliness.

However, if a competitive mode may be established, with all the guidelines with the official Call of Duty Championships in order that the clans could face off in official clan matches, I really feel that clans will obtain a sizable quantity of knowledge in how the official competitive game modes ought to be played and they’re going to have an much easier approach to set these game modes up. If teams need to have custom scrims, private matches nevertheless remain a feature, but to play beneath official suggestions, the competitive mode should really be there.


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