Call of Duty Elite: Worth It?

As all of you are already aware a couple(literally a couple) new maps were released for Modern Warfare 3 this month. These maps were exclusive to Call of Duty Elite members on the Xbox 360. The maps will be available to those of us who don’t have a premium membership in March, for approximately 15 dollars, or 1200 Microsoft points.

Now, I’ve written about how ridiculous DLC prices and lack of content has become before,but this is pretty much my biggest issue as of now. There will be new maps released every month for this game I spent 60 dollars on and unless I can fork out another 50 dollars for “Elite” , or otherwise just their version of a season pass, I will be unable to get this content unless I’m willing to pay 15 dollars a month which is a ridiculous amount of money in the end.

Are these maps even worth my money? It’s basically like taking a stab in the dark. Hit or miss. There were a measly two maps released this month. I’m expected to either become a premium Elite member or wait until the maps are old news for the suckers who paid 50 bucks. They’ll know the maps like the back of their hands, and I’ll be fumbling around trying to figure out why I just wasted 15 dollars.

Honestly, what a joke. I paid 60 dollars for this game, only to be ripped off of content unless I’m willing to dish out another 50? I could spend 10 more dollars on a different freaking game. Not just content for it, but an entirely different, new, game.

Here’s what pisses me off the most.. I’m a loyal Call of Duty fan. I’ve had every Call of Duty game under the sun, and I’ve spent hours playing zombies, multiplayer, and campaign. I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on these games over the years and how am I repaid? I’m not.. I’m expected to pay them more for some over-priced crap I can’t afford anymore.

So, thank you Infinity Ward! For duping me into spending yet another 60 dollars on a game, where I can’t even have new content because you’re such money-grubbing arse-clowns. My game will now sit, and collect dust! Or maybe even get traded in towards something else.


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