Call of Duty Elite: Setting CoD Elite free is best for our business

Eric Hirshberg explains decision to drop fee from shooter subscription service, why Wii U players could go with out
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The great news for Call of Duty players is that the series’ Elite premium membership will be absolutely free for Black Ops II. The negative news is the fact that it is going to no longer incorporate the membership’s main draw: all the game’s downloadable content material.

Activision right now announced that Call of Duty: Black Ops II will grant all players no cost access to its Elite service, such as new capabilities like multiplayer broadcasting and stat-tracking for the game’s Zombies mode. On the other hand, the month-to-month downloadable content drops that were a part of the Elite membership for final year’s Modern day Warfare 3 are getting replaced by 4 downloadable map packs with new content for the multiplayer and Zombies modes. After they debut subsequent year, the packs will sell for $15 every, along with a Season Pass bundle for all 4 will also be sold separately for $50. Every single pack will debut on Xbox 360 prior to moving to other systems, not all platforms are assured to receive the maps, and pricing could vary from technique to process.

Speaking with GamesIndustry International, Activision Publishing CEO Eric Hirshberg acknowledged the Elite subscription may well have played a portion in Modern day Warfare 3’s difficulty residing as much as the sales pace set by its predecessor.

“Well, even though Present day Warfare 3’s tail didn’t match that of Black Ops, the launch of Black Ops did not match that of Modern day Warfare three,” Hirshberg said. “I think those two things are connected. We’ve been capable to turn Get in touch with of Duty launches into such cultural occasions, that they draw progressively more of purchasers forward into the launch window. Present day Warfare 3’s tail was nonetheless extremely powerful. That stated, keeping our player community far more united is undoubtedly one of our goals with this modify in strategy.”

Hirshberg also touched on the Elite’s prospects for Get in touch with of Duty’s debut this year on two new platforms: the Wii U as well as the PlayStation Vita. Hirshberg stated Elite surely won’t be integrated into Black Ops Declassified for the Vita, but left space for hope on Elite getting its approach to the Wii U edition of Black Ops II.

“Our goal is usually to bring the Season Pass and DLC to Wii U, but we just will need slightly far more time to work with Nintendo on a number of the particulars,” Hirshberg mentioned. “For the Elite services, this can be a thing we’re searching into and evaluating our selections, but it’s just too early for us to say.”

Finally, Hirshberg addressed the future of Elite, confirming that the concept will be to have it stay a absolutely free service for all future Call of Duty games.


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