Call of Duty: 5 reasons why the next release wont be on next gen

We’ve heard it already a while back; a leaked developer CV was identified which shed some light on the next Call of Duty game. The CV listed an unannounced game for PS3, Xbox 360 and Pc (perhaps even the Wii-U?) from infinity ward with DirectX 11 help.

This triggered a huge fuss amongst the gaming neighborhood claiming that this was a sign that the following Call of Duty will likely be released on next gen consoles. This was naturally claimed as the next gen consoles ‘PS4′ and ‘Xbox 720′ were tipped to run DirectX 11 games.

With that stated I nonetheless don’t feel we will see the subsequent Call of Duty game on next gen consoles; so listed below are five causes to why we wont be seeing Call of Duty going next gen:

1) You will find too lots of consoles to develop for: if this was the case some consoles most likely the current gen would have to be cut! When the next Call of Duty was created on all consoles we would see the subsequent call of duty for the following platforms:

Xbox 360
Xbox 720

So that is a total of six platforms running essentially the same game; I haven’t listed any transportable versions there as they’re usually a completely different game general. But I think this can be way also a great deal for the development team to manage!

2) Encounter: this can be another crucial difficulty here. The subsequent gen consoles would have only just arrived which would most likely make Call of Duty a launch title for subsequent gen consoles. This leads me to think it is way also early to release a Call of Duty game for any console with lack of knowledge, because it could indeed ruin the franchise if performed wrong. Call of Duty is currently recognized to become have a lot of bugs and glitches as it is (which sooner or later get patched up). So I’m positive Activision wouldn’t desire to throw away their money cow so very easily subsequent gen; by releasing an unplayable/broken game in the subsequent gen launch lineup. First impressions generally stick!

3) The following generation development kits were released as well late: both Infinity Ward and Treyarch are known to perform on their subsequent game as quickly as possible to be able to preserve delivering the Call of Duty franchise on a yearly basis. This incorporates arranging the new game, the story, voice acting, animations and so on. As I think development kit spec leaks started late final year, this makes me wonder if they had adequate time to develop the new game inside the 1st spot. Unless naturally it really is getting rushed out (but going by my second point in this post this would surely find yourself a disaster).

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