Black Ops 2: Best Zombies Ever?

Zombies in Black Ops 2

As I’m sure everyone is already aware Black Ops 2 is set to hit shelves on 11.13.12. Along with an all new futuristic feel, they’re keeping up with their usual game aspects and including the popular mini-game, originally started on World at War and continuing on Black Ops, zombies. Only this time it’s supposed to be their most detailed, and in-depth zombies yet. There will actually be a story mode, along with a survival mode rumored to have 5+ player co-op. This is exciting news for zombies fans. Along with new maps, and the promise of new perks, and most definitely new weapons, this should make for an interesting and more enjoyable Gaming experience. More recently, there have been photos leaked of the supposed start-menu to Black Ops 2 including the zombies menu. Take a look at the image below and tell us what you think.



While this image isn’t proven to be ‘real’ and is still considered speculation, the menu looks pretty legit, especially considering we were already informed that we’d have a story mode this time around. While a lot of details surrounding the zombies side of Black Ops 2 are still rumors and wishful thinking, it’s nice to see something believable to look forward to.

What do you think zombies will be like on Black Ops 2? Do you think the photo above is proof of what the menu will actually look like? Let us know in the comments below!


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