Black Ops 2 : Xbox 360 full patch notes

A brand new patch has nowadays been released for the Xbox 360 version of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, having a huge quantity of fixes, improvements and features included.

Weighing in at 39mb, the newest Black Ops two patch addresses the following concerns:

Function Improvements

Celebration Members now appear on the mini map as purple when colorblind assist is turned on. Added hint text tool tips for map voter buttons.

Multiplayer Challenges Addressed

Resolved a known problem with stats resets caused by a failed save process, indicated by getting a “Persistent Rank Information has been corrupted” error message. Further facts may be found right here on the Client Assistance site.
Fixed a problem exactly where players could lose functionality and possess a blurry screen just after viewing a Gamer Card during the round-ending killcam at the finish with the initial round of a round-based game.
Addressed an exploit where players could get XP privately without having matchmaking.
Addressed a problem where the player’s EMP grenade blast would cancel out the effects of an enemy’s EMP.
Players will no longer fly in to the air when knife lunging other players on certain sorts of inclines.
Addressed various exploits exactly where players could clip into and shoot from within particular locations on Downhill.
Fixed a problem using the Skulls Camo Challenge for the RPG unlocking by using other weapons in conjunction using the RPG.
Addressed an issue with taking control of an AGR whilst subsequent to a friendly player causing loss of functionality for firing rockets.
Resolved an issue exactly where spectating would default to 3rd particular person although it had been disabled in the event the player was previously spectating in 3rd person.
Resolved an issue with dog spawns in Slums.
Fixed an issue joining Split Screen bot games in-progress when the host had altered celebration privacy settings.
Addressed a problem exactly where players could not hyperlink their Twitch account within the Multiplayer Celebration Lobby Solutions menu.
Fixed an issue where the player could not die by the train operating over them in Express.

Gameplay Balancing

Decreased the red flash harm indicator when applying the Toughness Perk.
Decreased Guardian damage in Hardcore modes.

Zombies Problems Addressed

Addressed a problem exactly where the players couldn’t access the in game store.
Addressed a lengthy black screen concern even though players watch the Intro Zombies film when loading System Hyperlink / LAN Celebration games.
Players will no longer be seen clipping into the concrete when sliding in the Green to Orange constructing in Theater Mode on Die Rise.
Fixed an issue in Zombies Theater Mode exactly where the Who’s Who swirly vision might be seen for players who’re not in the mode when switching from players who’re.
Addressed an issue for Split Screen users on Turned Diner in Theater Mode where the eye glow was missing from zombies when viewed in third individual and jumping to start.
Disappearing fog addressed in Theater Mode when flying via the laboratory in Tranzit.
Fixed a spawn situation for players in Die Rise that spawn on major of your escape pod following a host migration within a 2+ player game.


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