Black Ops 2: Weapon Loadout

In this post we’re going to mix factors up a bit and offer you a loadout that you simply can use in case you are an skilled player and looking to have some exciting OR in the event you just desire to mix items up a little. It is not the sort of loadout you would pick ordinarily and should only be utilized once you want a challenge.

The essential to accomplishment with this loadout is to make certain you corner folks and have a single on a single battles.

Call of Duty Black Ops two ‘Madman’ Weapon Loadout

To work with this loadout you generally guard yourself with the shield then because you might be dual wielding the pistols you may possess a quite higher rate of fire. In reality it truly is equal to most SMG’s so with the added protection from the shield you may win 90% of 1 on 1 gun battles.

Flak jacket will help you considering the fact that individuals have a tendency to chuck grenades at anything that moves holding an assault shield so this will make it easier to cope with this onslaught.

Clearly you may need Rapidly Hands as you can be switching in between pistols as well as the Assault shield lots!

You also might be tougher to catch unawares with Tactical Mask and will not get stunned for extended.

The grenades you’ll be able to add in as you wish, I have picked the C4 and Flashbang but just go for your gut on this one.


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