CoD Black Ops 2: Shotguns Tips and Tricks

Welcome back soldiers to week three in the Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 recommendations and tricks. Should you managed to fall by the cracks and miss any from the previous suggestions and tricks, then do not worry it is not like they going anyplace.

In week 1 we covered Sub Machine Guns (SMGs) and in week two it was all about Assault Rifles. This week it can be all about receiving up close and personal together with your opposition, so strap on these elbow and knee pads mainly because this week we’re talking shotguns.

In Black Ops 2 shotguns can play a vital role so long as you maintain inside the parameters of a shotgun-styled game play. That game play entails you maintaining to areas of higher cover and narrow passages, by accomplishing this you can increase your level of kills and drastically decrease your death count. Nevertheless, by carrying out so you are going to the ideal shotgun for the job. So without having further delay, crack those knuckles and get able to get grip some steel as we dive into the planet of shotguns.

In Black Ops two we’ve only 4 shotguns to select from so this week let us do all 4 beginning from very best to worst.


Also called the ‘close ranged sniper’ the KSG is really a distinctive shotgun that fires a single slug that acts as a single bullet. This translates to it obtaining no spread harm at all, which implies that once you have this weapon within your hand you happen to be rewarded with all the sweet one particular shot kill when on target plus the embarrassment when you are not. The KSG also has the most effective range in its class which means that mid-range battles are completely possible. The fact that the KSG can be a pump action shotgun implies that you might want to make that initial 1st shot count, as a consequence of the time lost wanting to get the next slug within the barrel. My greatest advice for this class is the fact that you reduced you sensitivity, thus escalating your accuracy because in case you miss you will be caught with your pants around your ankles.

#2- R870 MCS

The MCS is an very effective pump action shotgun that provides a higher harm and also a decent range. This shotgun permits for wonderful hip fire accuracy using a great likelihood of a a single hit kill from close to mid range. What the MCS enables for that the KSG does not may be the opportunity for the user to be less accurate and nonetheless kill opponents. On the other hand, having a decreased range you’re going to have to be a lot closer to make certain that one particular hit kill.


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