Black Ops 2 Revolution: Map pack

The ladies and gentlemen at Treyarch have now released their full layout to their initial Downloadable Content (DLC) for Call of Duty: Black Ops two. The latest DLC to hit Xbox’s very first around the 29th of January, has had some brand new additions in no way just before attempted for the Call of Duty franchise. I think these additions might be greeted with substantially applause as this new DLC seems irresistible to the Black Ops two multiplayer gamer.

The DLC named The Revloution Map Pack is set to add for the multiplayer elements with the game with no additions to single player/offline side of Black Ops two. The Revolution map pack has 4 new multiplayer maps, 1 new zombies map, a brand new zombie’s gamemode and an exclusive multiplayer weapon. So kicking issues off, let us get into the multiplayer maps.

Multiplayer Maps


Description: Hydro is actually a big hydro-electric facillity that is based in Pakistan.


Several bottlenecks and choke points, anticipate Smgs to dominate this map, with many tight corners.
Hydro has a spillway that could bring about a rush of water to run through a chokepoint in the centre of your map, if you or possibly a scoretreak of yours is in that area count on whatever is there to be gone by the time the ‘wave’ passes


Description: Skatepark inside the middle of Venice,California.


Most of the walls are curved due to the skatepark getting constructed from half pipes and skate ramps. Curved walls force players away from edges of cover, so this really should mean that players are going to be a lot more vulnerable on the battle field. I’m going to suggest flak jacket for this because of the fact that all grenades ought to funnel down ramps to the position where you will be standing! ‘
Curved Walls and ramps mean that grenades are going to filter towards the middle of ramps, that are everywhere, so ensure to use flak Jacket as grenades are going to become that a lot extra lethal. Around the offensive side pick out the wildcard ‘Danger Close’ this may let you use two principal grenades, for precisely precisely the same cause that the grenades will roll down the ramps and land square at the feat of the opponent.


Description: Ski resort in the French Alps


· Extended lines of sight and wide open areas. This map is going to be the burst assault rifle and snipers go to map.

· 3 essential vantage points, these vantage points is going to be exceptionally overpowered early on inside the game because of players map expertise getting 100% straight out of the gate. So try locate these areas lay down a tac insert and take full advantage of them.

· Gondolas (aka cable cars) that could be utilized as moving cover. Be careful of how close you get to the cable automobiles since if you get into path of a single, they’re going to take you out.


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