Black Ops 2: the Peacekeeper SMG

David Vonderhaar has gone to Twitter to clarify how the Peacekeeper SMG will function for Black Ops 2!

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2’s Revolution map pack is about a week away from release for the Xbox 360. When we already know many of the specifics surrounding it, you can find nevertheless a ton of inquiries left up within the air. 1 of these queries is how the game will manage its first-ever weapon DLC.

For those unfamiliar with what I am referring to, Revolution will include the Peacekeeper SMG, which will only be out there when you obtain the map pack. So, what will happen for those who pick it up but you have not purchased the DLC? Will it affect how you acquire diamond camos for the SMG gun type? Luckily for us, game director David “Vahn” Vonderhaar went on Twitter to answer these inquiries.

To help keep points basic, we’ve posted what Vahn tweeted word-for-word regarding the Peacekeeper. They are all tweets straight from Vahn himself, so the details shared beneath are 100% legit.

If you have Diamond SMGs, you have to level up the Peacekeeper to Gold to unlock its Diamond camo.

You *do not* need to level up the Peacekeeper, to get Diamond on the rest of the SMGs. All will go Diamond when you get them Gold.

And you’ll be able to pick up the Peacekeeper off the ground, see it Sharpshooter, or Customs, etc., all even if you don’t own Revolution.

Nicely, there you have it. Players will be in a position to pick up the SMG just like a standard weapon, but I doubt you can unlock its challenges or access it in Create-a-Class. For all those trying to unlock the diamond camos for SMG, then the Peacekeeper should not be any trouble at all. On the contrary, if you’ve already unlocked the camo, this new SMG will offer you a brand new challenge in unlocking all its weapon skins.

Who amongst that you are tired in the game’s vanilla maps and cannot wait for Revolution to drop? Do you feel the Peacekeeper SMG will bring with it a new set of weapon balancing troubles?

Revolution is scheduled to hit Xbox Live on January 29 with all the Pc and PS3 versions to stick to at a later date.


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