Black Ops 2 Patch Live on Steam

A different new Black Ops 2 patch has gone reside on Steam. We’ve got all the facts here…

Just two days soon after one patch went live on Steam for Black Ops 2, another has currently hit. These offer some easy tweaks to the matchmaking system, as well as replacing ping bars with ping numbers.

Full notes below…

February 22, 2013 Update for Multiplayer

Improvements for the Matchmaking System.
Replaced ping bars with ping numbers.
Players can set maximum ping in the matchmaking search preferences.

Right here will be the patch notes that hit Steam on Wednesday…

February 20, 2013 Update for Multiplayer and Zombies

Function Improvements
Celebration Members now seem on the mini map as purple when colorblind help is turned on.
Added hint text tool suggestions for map voter buttons.

Multiplayer Troubles Addressed
Fixed a problem exactly where players could lose functionality and have a blurry screen after viewing a Gamer Card through the round-ending killcam in the end from the very first round of a round-based game.
Addressed an issue where the player’s EMP grenade blast would cancel out the effects of an enemy’s EMP.
Players will no longer fly into the air when knife lunging other players on specific varieties of inclines.
Fixed an issue with the Skulls Camo Challenge for the RPG unlocking by utilizing other weapons in conjunction together with the RPG.
Addressed a problem with taking control of an AGR whilst next to a friendly player causing loss of functionality for firing rockets.
Resolved an issue where spectating would default to 3rd particular person despite the fact that it had been disabled when the player was previously spectating in 3rd individual.
Resolved a problem with dog spawns in Slums.
Addressed an issue exactly where players could not link their Twitch account within the Multiplayer Celebration Lobby Possibilities menu.
Fixed an issue where the player may not die by the train running over them in Express.
Players can no longer set their Clan Tag in non-Public Match lobbies if they haven’t reached the unlock level for the Clan Tag feature.
Players with Level 1 profiles will now see their XP bonus in the Immediately after Action Report immediately after a League Play match.
Resolved an issue where the damage feedback sound was not occurring for the Combat Axe or cluster bomb in the Hellstorm Missile.

Gameplay Balancing
Adjusted the red flash damage indicator when working with the Toughness Perk.
Reduced Guardian damage in Hardcore modes.

Zombies Troubles Addressed
Disappearing fog addressed in Theater Mode when flying by means of the laboratory in Tranzit.
Players will no longer be given momentary handle of a character just before being place into spectator mode when Hot Joining a Custom Game on Nuketown.
Player names will now appear above players when in spectate mode upon hot joining a custom Grief game mode.
Addressed numerous places where players can survive a landing in unplayable space.
Resolved various instances exactly where players could keep away from Zombie attacks by hiding in objects about Tranzit
Addressed a problem with taking screenshots in Theater mode
Addressed issues with all the Buildables technique
Addressed troubles exactly where players would say the wrong dialogue


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