Best assault rifle to use on Modern Warfare 3?

Modern Warfare 3 has several different assault rifles to use. The guns are unlocked as you level your way up in the game. Listed below are all of the available assault rifles, and levels required to use them. You decide which is best!

    • M4A1- This is one of the first assault rifles that will be available to use from the start. It has decent accuracy, and damage isn’t totally awful. The range is manageable, fire rate good, and mobility good. If you’re using this assault rifle, chances are you’re playing the game for the first time and it’ll definitely tide you over until other rifles are unlocked.

    • M16A4- This gun is also available from the beginning, but unlike the M4A1 this gun uses a 3 round burst. Accuracy, damage, range, and fire rate are all slightly increased from the M4A1, and mobility is about the same.

    • SCAR-L- Unlocked at level 6. It’s accuracy is slightly increased from the M4A1, and it’s damage appears to be about the same as the M16A4. Range, and fire rate are manageable, and mobility is slightly decreased.

    • CM901- Unlocked at level 18. Less accurate than all three previous guns listed, but it’s damage being better than all 3 makes up for it. About the same range and mobility as the SCAR-L however, the fire rate is lower than all 3 of the others.

    • Type 95- Unlocked at level 32. Like the M16A4 this gun also uses a 3 round burst. It’s accuracy is slightly decreased from the SCAR-L, but it does more damage. Decent range, and mobility. This gun has a very high fire rate.

    • G36C- Unlocked at level 42. Decently accurate, range is slightly decreased from previous guns, and damage is about the same as the SCAR-L and M16A4.  Decent fire rate, mobility slightly decreased from the Type 95.

    • ACR 6.8- Unlocked at level 50. One of my personal favorites. Around the same accuracy, mobility, and range as the G36C. However, damage has been slightly increased, and fire rate decreased.

    • MK14- Unlocked at level 60. By far the highest accuracy, damage, and range of any of the assault rifles. Mobility is decent, however fire rate is low due to the fact this is a semi-automatic rifle.

    • AK-47- Unlocked at level 68. This gun comes in second to the MK14 when looking at damage. However, this is the least accurate assault rifle in the game. Decent range and mobility, and fire rate is not too much higher than that of the MK14.

    • FAD- Unlocked at level at level 78.  More accurate than the AK-47. Out of all the assault rifles, this one does the least amount of damage, and has the lowest range. It makes up for it by having a high fire rate, and excellent mobility.

The only gun I’m not able to comment on would be the MK14, being that this is the only assault rifle in the game I haven’t used yet. My personal favorite, as listed above, is the ACR 6.8 and the AK-47 comes as a close second. I see a lot of other players using the FAD, and the AK-47. Of course, whether or not one of these is the best to use would be considered preference as they all differ in stats, and can be either more or less powerful in certain areas depending on what attachments you use. Here’s what I’d like to know from my readers: Have you used the MK14, if so, how is it in multi-player? What’s your over-all favorite assault rifle to use? Comment below and let us know!



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