Rent-a-Server: Ruining Battlefield 3

Has any game been extra inescapable over the past 12 months than Battlefield three? EA’s greatest ever shooter has drowned the market inside a tsunami of orange and teal, dominating the headlines pre, during and post launch.

Even essentially the most casual observer must have been sucked up by a few of the hype. 15 million plus have stuck about for the fight, but as is so frequently the case, numerous players will have cut ties with Battlefield three long ago, prepared to hitch a ride onto the following hype train or content to hide away from anything at all that’s marketed with a litany of explosions and also a throbbing score.

These players, then, most likely do not know what is happening to one particular of your world’s most popular videogames. There’s a seedy, repugnant underbelly dead set on controlling and ultimately ruining what is one particular of the finest shooters ever produced. And for many, it is just too a lot to bear.

Considering that DICE and EA introduced the ‘rent-a-server’ alternative to Battlefield 3’s console experience, the game that appeared in October 2011 is no extra. Exactly where after everyone competed on a level-playing field, 1 restricted and governed by the guidelines and balances DICE introduced to its game, now every server has its own rules.

Picking Fast Match – the common ‘go-to’ selection of most on line games – is usually a genuine roll on the dice (if you’ll excuse the pun), as you’ll be dropped into one of a large number of fan-run servers. Several have particular and aggressive rules established in their loading screens and set by the admins who rent and run the server. Some of these new enforcements might just be small rule changes that lots of would perceive as good; issues like ‘no spawn camping’ or ‘balanced teams’.

The majority, though, are fundamentally game-changing. ‘No shotguns’ is in all probability probably the most common. ‘No anti-air’ a different. These are rules that particularly alter the balance of Battlefield 3, turning it into a new game, practically often for the worse. Quite a few servers run with tickets (Battlefield 3’s spawn currency) which can be as much as and over 400% what the map was designed for, generating for farcical matches where the defending team is up against hopeless odds.

Worst of all, though, are the multitude of servers run by petty, mini tyrants; people who will kick after which ban anybody in breach of their rules. Or indeed, anybody who occurs to not fit into the exact model of game these administrators want. In other words: everyone who takes place to be half-decent at Battlefield.

I’ve lost count of your amount of times I’ve been kicked and banned from servers. And I’m no world-class player: a solid medic with a big heart, possibly, but absolutely no deadeye sniper or Airwolf-wannabe chopper pilot.


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