Odd Battlefield 3 Invincibility Glitch Found In Operation Metro

While playing in-game Youtuber xen0nification accidently found himself in a position where he was completely invincible to guns and grenades.

In the description he tells us the scenario:

Was playing battlefield with fail, J0E and super and I got revived in mid air, I got stuck and ended up being invincible and being able to shoot other players. It was weird as s**t.

Whenever there is a glitch we think to ourselves, is it hurting anyone? if it is then it must be fixed and while this glitch provided invincibility and he couldn’t move it still allowed him to unfairly kill other players therfore, yes it is hurting others.

This glitch doesn’t seem to be something that can be done with ease however it would still be better if it were to be fixed.

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