Why Its Going To Be Great – Battlefield 3 Dino Mode

The Battlefield 3 Dino Mode is something that many Battlefield 3 fans are yearning for, and this is why it is going to be great.

Many gamers love some form of Horde mode where they must survive a number of waves and rack up as many points as they can. The basic formula has been changed since then and other features such as buying extra perks for your character or setting traps have been added. There are many examples of a Horde mode such as Call Of Duty : Black Ops Zombies or Gears Of War 3 Horde Mode.

One reason why a Dino Mode would be amazing is of course the main feature, Dinosaurs! Imagine being able to fight against dinosaurs not only on land but also in the air thanks to Battlefield 3’s vehicles such as Tanks, Jeeps, Jets and Helicopters, it would add another level to the already great features of Horde Mode. Having a mid air fight with a pterodactyls would be something that would bring players back to the game again and again.

Secondly the Dino mode would add fun to Battlefield 3, while it may be already fun Battlefield 3 still needs a level of seriousness due to the emphasis on team play, a Dino Mode would allow players to relax and not care about game win/loss but about killing as many Dinosaurs as they could and enjoying themselves while doing it.

Thirdly, is the multiplayer, being able to fight against hordes with your friends is one of the things that make fighting anything wave by wave so fun, so being able to fight against huge raging dinosaurs with a few friends would add to the enjoyment of the mode.

Last but not least is the destruction, Battlefield 3 has a plethora of great features and destruction in the Frostbite 2 engine is one of them, imagine going down a street in the already massive maps and then suddenly a T-Rex crashes through a near by wall and rubble flies everywhere, it would be amazing.

There was an Easter egg found in the new Wake Island Map which shows a little Dinosaur, this has to have confirmed the Dino Mode in some way , or are DICE just messing with us. Tell us in the comments what you think.

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