Battlefield Fans Can Expect One and A Half Years of Continuous Gaming Thrills

FPSWin - Battlefied 3

In what seems like a great tribute to loyal fans, Battlefield management has announced continuous series of games.  The Chief Executive of this famous first person shooter engagement has revealed a successive period of sequels to the current game.  The schedule may take between one year and one-and-a-half years to complete.  This means that fans are going to enjoy their favorite pastime, not through repeats, but on a new platter altogether in the next couple of months.  There are about three sequels to “Back to Karkland”, which came out late 2011, that are in the pipeline.

Of these confirmed releases, the newest one is coming in the middle of the year.  The other two Battlefield sequels will follow each other in autumn and winter of 2012. The wonderful thing about this game of choice for many is that it plays across some three popular gaming platforms, including Xbox.

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