Battlefield 4: Everything You Need to Know

The passion for finding hands on ‘the next gen’ reached a entire new level when the most recent upcoming installment from the Battlefield series, Battlefield 4 was revealed in Stockholm last week.

The 17 min actual gameplay footage shown at the occasion created it clear to absolutely everyone that BF 4 will effortlessly carve its path for the throne as the most dominant 1st individual shooter of 2013. In spite of from the reality that pretty much half a year continues to be left till it hits shops worldwide, Battlefield 4 quickly manages to hold a reputation of getting a single with the most talked about games as of late. Here’s every little thing you need to know about Battlefield 4:

1. Release Date

While the 17-minute trailer with the game focusing on Tombstone Squad, clearly mentioned that Battlefield 4 will release around the Fall of this year; but as per a recent accidental leak by EA Germany on their Facebook fan page, Battlefield 4 will be released on ’31st October, 2013′.

2. Pre-Order

BF 4 is offered for pre-order at Amazon and those who do so will have the liberty of owning the Premium DLC expansion pack totally cost-free of cost.

3. Beta

People who pre-ordered Medal of Honor: Warfighter on Origin will get an early access to Battlefield 4 beta (that is anticipated to become released in Autumn).

4. Frostbite 3 Engine

Frostbite 3 will bring the most realistic and the most great FPS expertise to Computer and console owners with regards to both graphics and scale on the environment. Sadly, the same can’t be mentioned for the gamers obtaining Wii U as there are going to be no Wii U version of Battlefield 4.

Frostbite 3 is usually a super evolved Frostbite 2 engine with main improvements in graphics, animation, lighting, degree of atmosphere destruction and numerous under the hood improvements, aside from bringing the brand new climate method. The BF 4 demo was in fact powered by the quickest graphics card in the world – AMD Radeon HD 7990.

It has also been confirmed that Frostbite 3 will power Dragon Age 3 and the subsequent Mass Effect as well.

5. Gameplay

The ‘Fishing in Baku’ gameplay footage featured a single player mission in Baku, Azerbaijan – a peninsula city positioned on Caspian Sea – in which the player, using a military knife, should chop off squadron leader Dunn’s leg soon after he’s seriously injured and pinned down. The suffering for Dunn does not take a stop there as he drowns deep towards the bottom with the ocean.

As evident from the opening scene and the all round 17 mins gameplay, BF 4 will concentrate on character improvement like by no means prior to (one thing the series has been lacking from day a single when compared with other major of the line FPS titles) and aside from being super realistic, might be actually emotional.

6. Restricted to Recker

In Battlefield 4, players will probably be bound to play the character in the soldier named Recker only (in spite of getting 3 allies with him). Although, the player will have the freedom to order his allies to open fire by setting targets for them.

7. Aggressive World

As per BF 4’s art director Gustav Tilleby, the overall gameplay and atmosphere of BF 4 is depending on the concept of an “aggressive world” together with the squad driving straight to it.


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