Battlefield 4: Top 5 features and improvements needs

Battlefield 4 would be the most up-to-date entry in one on the most common game franchises of all time. It is a single in the most anticipated games of 2013, and already one of the most pre-ordered 1.

But BF3 wasn’t excellent. As a developer, it’s difficult to please everyone, particularly a hardcore fan-base. Battlefield 4 features a lot to live as much as, and to improve also. Listed below are our top 5 options and improvements we wish in Battlefield 4 in comparison with BF3.

5: Better Battlefield 4 awards
BF3 featured the least imaginative awards of any game inside the series. The awards have been fundamentally depending on ribbons, and there was usually only criteria per ribbon (e.g. get 5 kills). To produce it even much less thrilling, the Medals within the game have been basically awarded for raking within a specific quantity of ribbons.

Compare the awards needs in BF3 to these located in BF2, and you’ll speedily realize that awards in BF2 had a wide array of criteria to be met. The medals were even much better. They were harder to acquire, but infinitely more satisfying. Receiving one ribbon in BF2 was extra exciting than finding the dozens of ribbons that are awarded following a single BF3 round.

4: Better player communication
BF3 didn’t involve native VOIP communication on the PC version, which left a whole lot of gamers disappointed. Even though voice communication is used substantially less on PCs than on consoles (where BF3 did contain voice chat), greater general communication would greatly improve Battlefield 4.

For instance, getting clear in-vehicle communication, either via text chat or voice, would enable Battlefield 4 players send a quick note towards the guy operating the gunner seat, or the driver, or pilot, and so forth. To get a game series that’s determined by multiplayer and teamwork, it’s surprising how unintuitive and lackluster it’s been in regards to communication among players.

3: 5th Battlefield 4 class
The Battlefield series has stuck with four classes ever considering the fact that BF2142 back in 2006. Though the simplified class technique has its advantages in comparison with the 7 classes found in BF2, the Battlefield 4 classes should contain a fifth class.

Particularly, the Assault and Medic class may very well be split up into two, as the Assault in BF3 was quite a great deal the typical class for almost everything, and could do something but shoot jets out with the sky. Many players have complained that the Assault class was overpowered, and we tend to agree.

2: New anti-cheat system
Every single game in the Battlefield series has been plagued by cheaters and hackers, and BF3 was no distinctive. You will find even videos out there of hackers going right after DICE developers in game.

A developer as talented as DICE ought to be capable of develop its own anti-cheat method for Battlefield 4 and not reply in third party middle-ware makers.

1: Battlefield 4 Commander feature
Most likely probably the most wanted Battlefield 4 feature by fans. The Commander feature was final observed in BF2142 in 2006. For those who are not familiar with it, 1 player per team gets to become a “Commander”, and has various tools at his disposal to assist his group.

For example, he can drop a provide crate anyplace on the map, or launch a UAV that scans and spots enemies for a set amount of time in a provided location. The Commander also has the capability to contact in an artillery strike anyplace around the map. It’s 1 of these things that made Battlefield multiplayer so enjoyable and diverse previously, as it adds a entire new layer of method for the main gameplay.


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