Battlefield 4: Stepped up their game to Compete with COD

The fight between which military initial individual shooter will be the greatest has been some thing which is a well-known discussion amongst gamers for the previous handful of years. Battlefield and Call of Duty are by far by far the most well-liked names in this war (pun intended). Over the years Call of Duty has created itself a superpower inside the sector and with Battlefield 3 gamers have been shown that there was a new name inside the FPS genera that was attempting to take the thrown.

Because Battlefield 3, gamers take sides on which game is much better; it gets to become a quite heated discussion. 1 point that is definitely clear is Call of Duty has been the a single and only front runner for years and has remained in that position to this date. 2013 marks the initial year that it’s feasible that a alter within the king of military very first person shooters might arise.

The fine folks at DICE had lately showed off their upcoming game, Battlefield 4, with a trailer. This trailer produced one particular factor specific and that may be that Battlefield 4 is presenting itself as the complete package as opposed to just the beloved multilayer that Battlefield 3 was. The appreciate that Battlefield 3 was given by fans was incredibly heavily based off of competitive multilayer. The game turned its back on single-player also as didn’t offer a further mode to play (besides co-op campaign) as Call of Duty has. There have been key thing in Battlefield 3 that had been lacking in comparison to Call of Duty. When each games had been fantastic in their very own way the only issue that Battlefield 3 had even remotely close for the greatness of Call of Duty was that addicting multiplayer mode. With what was seen inside the Battlefield 4 trailer, it appears as if DICE has realized exactly where they were lacking and stepped up their game inside a second attempt to dethrone the king.

Absolutely nothing for the following Call of Duty is set in stone but apart from the truth that we are going to be seeing a further this year so we are not comparing the two games as that will be impossible. We are saying with what we’re seeing from Battlefield 4; it has an truthful chance at catching a lot more buzz than Call of Duty for the first time ever. Activision really has somewhat of a explanation to be sweating for the reason that Battlefield has stepped up its game a lot by paying far more interest to every single player rather than the fans they already have. It will likely be exciting to find out how the subsequent Call of Duty game appears in comparison to Battlefield 4 since we know it will likely be stiff competition. Each games are possibly going to must put their all into taking out the other for the reason that both games are greater than most likely confident to be the top sellers of your year. Battlefield 4 has stepped out of your multilayer mold to prove that it has possible to excel in other places too; we hope that this can be a trend that continues since it does give gamers extra of a cause to play. It is not about single-player, it is not about multiplayer but it is about a well rounded game and that appears to be what we are seeing from Battlefield 4 as of now.


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