Battlefield 4: Pre-order today or not?

To pre-order Battlefield 4 or to not pre-order? Must you pre-order Battlefield 4 today or not?

Every time there’s a large game coming out, we’re faced with the inevitable query: must we pre-order or not? Retailers and publishers are pushing pre-orders like there’s no tomorrow, but gamers are not generally acquiring a good deal.

Battlefield 4 is arguably 1 with the most anticipated games of 2013, and you will find already an abundance of pre-order offers available. But ought to you fork down $60 (or perhaps a lot more) at a point exactly where we know little about Battlefield 4? And when we know completely practically nothing about its multiplayer?

Individuals who pre-ordered the prior game within the series, BF3, got a pretty sweet deal. The game turned out to be one particular of the best Battlefield games to date and sold millions of copies. On the other hand, there is certainly no guarantee that its sequel – Battlefield 4 – are going to be improved. So far what we’ve observed in the Battlefield 4 singleplayer campaign looks quite excellent, although, but multiplayer nevertheless remains to become noticed.

In case you pre-order Battlefield 4, you’ll get a number of perks. Most retail game shops will provide you with a set of real dog tags, which on the true marketplace are likely worth $2-3 bucks. A improved deal may be discovered at Walmart, where you’ll get a free copy of BF3 once you pre-order. Target will give you a cost-free $5 present card in the event you pre-order Battlefield 4 at one of its shops.

No doubt you will find loads of decent deals available. The points is, when you pre-order and the game turns out to be crap, you’re out of $60 and there is not much you are able to do about it. Just ask those that pre-ordered Medal of Honor Warfighter.

If you are organizing on receiving Battlefield 4 Premium, which quite a bit of gamers are, you will not be getting significantly by pre-ordering. Premium will involve all the DLC and content material that you simply would get as a bonus by pre-ordering, for example the Drone Strike DLC.

We’re going to wait with our pre-order till we know the initial Battlefield 4 multiplayer facts (and a few gameplay videos as well). Soon after all, most gamers will acquire Battlefield 4 for its multiplayer, and given that we’ve noticed none of it so far, putting down income for the game can be a hard proposition.

Have you pre-ordered Battlefield 4? Do you strategy on pre-ordering the game later?

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