Battlefield 4: The Next-Gen of Military Shooters?

To a packed theatre at GDC, Soderlund stated “[Battlefield 4] signals a brand new era of interactive entertainment” Then elaborated on this by saying, “Next gen isn’t about polygons and shaders, it’s in regards to the emotional connection players may have with these characters.”

When EA showed off their 17 minute trailer, Soderlund’s comments rang false. Confident, Battlefield 4 looked cinematic, however it did not look any extra human, believable, or emotional. It looked just like the identical rollercoaster ride, featuring explosions, gunplay, and worldwide conflict.

Soon after I watched the footage, I wondered why I didn’t really feel anything. Why wasn’t I excited about this million-mile-per-hour gun ride? The answer is that even with the prettier graphics, the louder explosions, as well as the a lot more emotive faces, the game nonetheless felt like anything I had observed before. I had been in run down houses, shooting it out with across civilian streets. I had blown up helicopters and avoided their wreckage. I had been in crumbling buildings, I had ran toward evac, and I had driven away from particular death. I had completed it, gotten the t-shirt, and taken a image of myself wearing stated t-shirt.

You will discover attempts to produce Battlefield 4 appear like it is a lot more akin to Soderlud’s description. A moment where you may have to reduce off your commanding officer’s leg, a choice to shoot out the glass and leave the officer to drown, and other dramatic events. But they are only dramatic in name, not in execution. Mostly, since they may be draped about staples of your genre. Cutting off a limb is harrowing, yes. But when no one is begging you reconsider, and one solid thrust is all it takes, all the drama is sapped out. Much more staples incorporate faceless enemies that are still distant figures, rather than people you knowledge or comprehend. The dialogue is not profound or interesting, it’s nonetheless just zingers, followed by the stern, “Shut up!” The game does not seek to inform the truth of war like Hemingway, Spielberg, or Burns, showing the gritty, harrowing, and ultimately human expertise. It does not seek to ask concerns of why war exists or the impact it has on folks. The game celebrates war, reveling in its violence and working with it to make generic, recognizable scenarios.

Let me say as soon as once more, I’ve practically nothing against these types of games. Occasionally, following a lengthy week, I like to choose up the controller and senselessly run via objective filled missions that boil down to us vs. them. For millions of men and women this is their game of choice and there is certainly completely nothing wrong with that. On the other hand, nobody can expect these games to provide the defining video game experiences that other titles, with reduce sales expectations can. For the reason that whilst EA may well be posturing to speak about storytelling and revolutionary very first person gameplay, what they truly will need Battlefield 4 to complete is sell. They will need it to sell a great deal of copies. Which it probably will, due its pedigree of multiplayer and name recognition. But to do so it will be a different joyride of death, rather than the game Soderlund is talking about.


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