Battlefield 4: The monster PC that ran The Demo

The BF4 demo ran on a Pc with four GPUs plus a massive 12 GB of graphics memory.

Look at the monster Pc under, with its dual graphics cards, liquid cooling, and general razzle-dazzle:

The 17-minute Battlefield 4 singleplayer demo showcase ran on ultra high-end Computer hardware, developer DICE recently revealed. The Pc featured a quad-core Intel i7 CPU along with a Radeon HD 7990 graphics card – by far the most highly effective Pc graphics card inside the globe.

Now we got some additional specifics about the Pc setup, and a photo at the same time. The Computer didn’t use one particular, but two Radeon HD 7990 cards, for a total of four GPU plus a massive 12 GB of GDDR5 graphics RAM. That is right, a 12 GB frame buffer.

DICE wanted to create confident the demo ran as smooth as you possibly can, and it positive did. The demo was rendered internally at 3K resolution (about 3200 x 2000 pixels) and downscaled to 1080p. It also ran at a constant 60 frames per second. Make sure to also look into the Battlefield 4 60 fps video.

In line with the developer, the singleplayer demo was an “unoptimized alpha version” from the game, which can be most likely why they had to go complete overkill on the Pc hardware. To attain the kind of visual excellent within the final product, we’re certain gamers won’t require to shell out $1,500 to get a pair if Radeon HD 6990 cards. DICE is presently working with AMD and Nvidia to release special Battlefield four drivers that happen to be optimized for the game.


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