Battlefield 4: Hope and Disappointment for the game

Just before I go additional, this isn’t me hating on Battlefield, DICE or EA. I’m a fan on the series and have enjoyed just about every one I’ve played, but I’ve never ever placed value on a superb single player campaign. Battlefield is usually a multiplayer franchise and I am expressing my disappointment on what has been shown but also highlighting any points which fill me with hope for the game.

The game was shown running on a higher finish Computer, that is not surprising offered EA wants to make the most beneficial impression possible, but like BF3 many of the individuals playing the game will not get that precise experience. Not surprisingly that isn’t DICE’s fault since there is no way the PS3 can pull off that kind of detail however the PS4 will get substantially closer. Battlefield has normally been a multiplayer experience, with many autos plus infantry coming to blows on massive, expansive maps which delivers the player multiple approaches to tackle any offered objective. Even so, the reveal trailer, like the a single when BF3 was debuted, focuses around the single player campaign.

Following the disappointing campaign in Battlefield 3 this appears like a poor move, but DICE are adamant that the campaign in BF4 will probably be substantially better. In an interview with Eurogamer, Patrick Bach, the executive producer on Battlefield 4, proclaimed that ‘there are plenty of folks who are truly pleased we are developing the single-player. They don’t even dare to say it out loud, due to the fact all their friends will mock them. But Battlefield is no longer a multiplayer-only game.’ Do you agree with that statement? Personally, I do not. I’ve in no way felt that the single player has been definitely crucial towards the series or has been a superb representation on the multiplayer practical experience, which can be a thing DICE want it to become. An excellent instance of this in BF3 may be the jet level where you play the role of a co-pilot. Back after they have been showing off Battlefield 3, DICE mentioned that the single player in Battlefield is supposed to prepare the player for the multiplayer but if DICE wants to prepare you for the multiplayer then why are not we piloting the jet ourselves?

The closest Battlefield campaign which captured the feeling of your multiplayer will be the one in the initially Undesirable Enterprise game. It permits you to control distinct vehicles, including a helicopter, and has significantly less linear pathways and allows the player to experiment with unique tools to finish the mission, just like it ought to. It’s not great, as you will discover some parts of it which felt a bit tedious, but DICE have been on to anything with that formula. One more point Undesirable Enterprise has which makes an excellent single player experience is memorable characters. The 4 protagonists: Marlowe, Haggard, Redford and Sweetwater all have distinctive personalities and traits which make them stand out in the quite a few, a lot of, FPS characters available, mostly mainly because they do not take themselves also seriously. To be fair, that is a problem with several games normally.


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