Battlefield 4: “Hanna” and Unnamed Male Soldier

EA and DICE reveal yet another two pieces of artwork around the recently launched official web page for Battlefield 4 in preparation for the game’s official reveal this March 26th at 11pm PDT.

As opposed to going the expected route of teasing either a piece of setting, a brand new vehicle, or weapon, we get a glimpse of two characters that may possibly play a considerable part in Battlefield 4’s campaign. As outlined by the web site, we know the female character’s name is Hanna, though we are unsure on the male soldier beneath.

Though it truly is undoubtedly expected, the image from the male soldier does confirm the presence from the US forces in Battlefield 4.

The above image and also the introduction of a character like Hanna are fascinating possibilities for any variety of reasons. For one, she isn’t dressed in battle attire. It will likely be interesting to see how her character develops in the story if she is not taking on a combat function. Second, it could hint in the possibility of females playing a a lot more prominent role in the game, perhaps even inside the multiplayer. Lastly, if we are able to count on that sort of detail in a character’s face in-game and real-time, that would be pretty amazing.

Earlier, DICE and EA released 3 brief clips teasing battle at sea, on land, and inside the air. Check them out beneath when we wait for the complete trailer this Tuesday.


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