Battlefield 4: Game Details Leaked, Frosbite 2.5 Engine

Lots of new specifics of DICE’s upcoming next-generation Battlefield 4 FPS have been leaked by Chiphell forums. In line with the leaker, the information could be described in the April challenge of your Edge magazine although the game itself would be announced at GDC 2013 throughout 26th – 27th March.

Battlefield 4 Gets Frosbite 2.5 Engine – Destruction 4.0, Tessellation, Dynamic Climate Affects

In our previous short article, we talked about how the next generation Battlefield four would use 80% from the Frostbite engine’s power when compared with 30% utilization in Battlefield 3. The new Frostbite 2.5 engine would feature considerably far more enhanced visuals with Computer getting the lead platform for the game. In accordance with the specifics, Battlefield four would preserve a steady 60 FPS on 720P resolution on both next generation consoles which involve the PS4 and Xbox 720 which is a slight bit of a disappointment because earlier rumors suggested 1080P/60 FPS target for the next-gen consoles. On the other hand, the following generation consoles including the Pc would get 64 players even though the Xbox 360 and PlayStation three would stick for the default 24 player setup that is currently seen on Battlefield four.

Frostbite 2.5 could be a complete overhaul of your current Frostbite 2.0 engine with DirectX 11 compatibility only on Computer. Moreover, the game would function Dynamic climate effects which include rain, sandstorms, fog, haze and would be entirely random. Each and every map would get these dynamic weather effects and would change according to the variable situations. As you may have noted, the cover image shows a glimpse of these weather effects including rain. Battlefield 4 would also bring back the considerably renowned and upgraded Destruction four.0 program for the game which would offer you destructible environments and buildings which we saw back in Bad Company 2. Pc versions would advantage from compute energy which would render these dynamic destructible effects substantially more realistically. Furthermore, all of the atmosphere which includes water, terrain and characters/NPC would make use of the new tessellation technologies implemented inside Frostbite 2.5.

Battlefield 4 – Set in China Through 2020, Maps, Weapons Confirmed

The game could be set in 2020 but maintains a modern day day setting featuring China and USA as the key infantry factions. The single player section on the game would be about 5-6 hours extended in which there could be 2 campaigns of the PLA factions and would bring back the renowned animation effects of Negative Organization series. Just like Battlefield 3’s Capsian border where the primary tower collapses at the end on the game, a map could be primarily based in Shanghai China at the finish of which the Orient Pearl tower would collapse.

These are only a couple of of the total maps featured in Battlefield four. Weapons for instance the famouse Chinese J20, Y20, Xianglong would seem inside the game in addition to these from other factions. Two in the confirmed tanks include M1A2 TUSK and PLA Variety 99 each featuring their own set of customization alternatives like laser guidance and armor piercing rounds. Ideal thing that is mentioned within the leak is that Air Combat zone would be further enhanced providing a lot additional space for dog fights with jets.


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