Battlefield 4: Common Information That We Know

Battlefield 4 is due out in the final quarter of this year (the shortest odds are at present in October, Battlefield’s usual release month) and if it’s half the game that EA are talking it as much as be, then it’ll be a cracker.

Not surprisingly, don’t overlook that EA talked up BF3 a great deal (which had outstanding multiplayer, but a forgettable campaign). This go-around, nonetheless, it appears like they’ve discovered from that experience and have already been shaping anything substantially more engaging for the subsequent instalment in the venerable series.

Frostbite 3 and the experience
It’s a new Battlefield, which in current years has frequently meant a brand new version of Frostbite. Frostbite 3 is definitely the most recent iteration of DICE’s cutting-edge engine, and as well as highly-polished visuals it can be anticipated to give Battlefield 4 a greater degree of destructability compared with Battlefield 3. Water is also wanting to play a a great deal higher a part of the experience, with teaser videos pointing very strongly to naval vessels returning to higher prominence inside the series.

Single player
It was because of this that DICE chose to focus the reveal on Battlefield 4’s single player element. As opposed to Battlefield 3’s linear battlegrounds, Battlefield 4 sounds like it’s heading back towards the form of single-player experiences noticed inside the Bad Company games (albeit with somewhat far more critical characters), exactly where levels, or parts of levels, were presented as a sandbox, using the player largely able to figure out how they accomplish their objectives in the context of your sandbox. From our viewpoint, this will likely be a massive improvement from Battlefield 3, and make the single-player experience stand out in the largerly linear single player experiences identified in other contemporary military shooters (ArmA aside).

DICE haven’t revealed the multiplayer element of the game however, preferring to concentrate on the single-player reveal. We’ve noticed, even so, many autos and weapons in trailers and in promotional art which should give us an concept of what we’ll get inside the complete game. For the complete list, go to the Battlefield Wiki (the fantastic those that put these collectively), but as a teaser, there’s decent odds we’ll see:

The Mi-28 (Russian), UH1-Y Venom (US) and WZ-10 (Chinese) helos
The RHIB boat
The US M1 Abrams and Chinese Kind 98 tank
The Chinese J-20 Jet. If this really is inside the game, then (noting it hasn’t been revealed or rumoured) there is fantastic odds from the F-22 creating it in as well.

Anticipation rising…
While it could have been argued that the reveal trailer was a little bit on the long side (17 minutes!), there’s a whole lot to like about what we know so far. Nevertheless, you will discover also a lot of query marks, about both the multiplayer and the single player. It’s fantastic to hear that the single-player is going to be returning (in the event you take into consideration the Bad Company part of the Battlefield series of games) to extra open encounters, and eschewing the corrider-shooter method. On the other hand, we have no idea whether or not they’ve mixed up the multiplayer at all, or stuck towards the model in Battlefield 3. Either way, we’re itching to discover, eagerly awaiting additional news on the game, and can maintain you updated on its progress.


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