Battlefield 4: Should even have a campaign?

I’ve noticed one thing strange recently: for what ever reason, first-person shooter campaigns published by EA are likely to be lackluster. No seriously, hear me out. Third-person shooters that sport the EA label, like Dead Space, Mass Effect and Freedom Fighters usually be well-made games.

On the other hand, on the subject of first-person shooters that EA have published, you are inclined to get games which are dull and uninspired, as in the event the iconic circle surrounding two capital letters somehow curses any FPS campaign it touches. You get games like Syndicate, Medal of Honor: Warfighter, and…. Battlefield 3.

Yes, Battlefield 3. These of you who played it absolutely remember it, don’t you? Truly, you in all probability do not, considering the fact that it was about as generic, plodding, insultingly linear and lifeless as shooter campaigns come. Do not take my word for it, although. Just ask the world wide web, of whom the vast majority believed BF3’s campaign was a genuine waste of time. The fellow inside the video below absolutely tends to make an incredible case.

It is not tough to see why this happened, considering the fact that DICE most likely rushed the campiagn in order for the game to come out close to MW3’s release. Let’s face it, Battlefield has normally been seen as primarily a multiplayer shooter anyway, so there was no actual inventive drive behind the campaign. In reality, it probably wouldn’t be an excellent stretch to say that DICE had no interest in generating a campaign and had been forced by EA to shoehorn 1 in. A tragic occurrence, for positive, but 1 that got me considering:

Maybe Battlefield 4 shouldn’t even have a campaign.

I know that’s going to sound completely bananas coming from me. Right after all, I’m the guy who scribbles writes for a web page which is solely focused on single-player gaming. Why would I want a game to purposefully exclude a single-player portion?

Well, you see, I’m not necessarily a supporter of single-player games. I’m a supporter of Great, WELL-MADE single-player games, and I firmly believe that if DICE and EA determine to tack on another uninspired campaign for the inevitable Battlefield 4, featuring precisely the same lack of time and effort, it will not do anybody any favors. In actual fact, if something, it’ll be dangerous to each the all round game also as EA’s image. The following are some causes why:

It’ll only serve to lessen the Battlefield brand and EA inside the eyes of single-player gamers

People are incredibly skeptical when they see a publisher or developer’s logo on a game. I’m one particular from the several who scoff when I see Rebellion’s logo appear on a box, or have second thoughts when I see Activision.

The same is accurate of IPs themselves, on the other hand. In case you thought Mass Impact three and Dragon Age II have been festering piles (as did several), then it’s likely you’ll be much less excited about future Bioware projects and maybe you will even promise to not purchase them (as did quite a few). If a person feels they wasted their revenue on a $60 game (additional for you poor Aussie folks) once they could have purchased something else, it truly does make an effect.


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