Battlefield 4: 3 Reasons Why This Will Be Awesome

500 journalists and community members witnessed the Battlefield 4 unveil at a huge occasion held within a rented theater at Stockholm on March 26 with EA displaying an opening sequence on the game. The action packed 17 minute extended sequence begins with four soldiers inside a auto which is slowly sinking into a lake in Azerbaijan.

Azerbaijan is amongst the two confirmed locations in Battlefield 4, China becoming the other one particular. The video had a lot of action going on for an opening sequence however the lighting, explosions as well as the destruction was insane. We are super excited for Battlefield 4 and in the event you do not feel the same way you improved study this –

Frostbite 3
Frostbite 3 will debut with Battlefield 4 and oh boy what a debut will it be. In the event you aren’t blown by Battlefield 4 then I’m just a little concerned about you, you might choose to get a brain scan. Frostbite 3 is described by DICE as an upgraded version of its existing Frostbite 2 engine, developed to create a “dynamic, human and believable experience” and permit for enhanced animations, destruction and AI. Frostbite 3 will only support DirectX 11 so if you are running Windows XP or Vista you happen to be doomed. Frostbite 3 comes packed with Destruction 4.0 an upgrade from Destruction 3.0 and when you have seen the Battlefield 4 video you realize how exotic Destruction 4.0 can get. DICE has specially crafted this unique version of Frostbite to handle huge scale destructible environments.

Single Player
EA DICE knows what it did wrong together with the final game and single player campaign in Battlefield 4 is really a complete rethought. In Battlefield 3 single-player portion was usually pretty linear and scripted run, there were couple of possibilities for players to pick out their very own style of play or influence the action. In Battlefield 4 they would like to let the player play the way he wants to play, not how they need to play.

DICE makes a number of the greatest multiplayer shooter on the planet and Battlefield 4 might be no exception. Facts on the multiplayer are still scarce but what we know so far is that Battlefield 4 will function 64 player on-line maps. Surprisingly real-time climate systems, atmospheric adjustments and day/night cycles are also rumored to feature inside the multiplayer.

The entire structure of multiplayer is still a giant mystery. EA is just not saying something about multiplayer – the defining element of your Battlefield experience. That’ll be for E3 no doubt.

That may be all what have so far but we’ll be updating this post as quickly as we get additional updates. We advocate to bookmark this page and go to every single week to acquire some juicy updates on Battlefield 4.

These of you contemplating a brain scan, here’s your last shot


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