Battlefield 3 Spectator and Recorder Mode Found By Accident?

Spectator mode is a mode that Battlefield 3 could use, with Battlefield 3 mainly being team orientated, some form of spectator mode would be useful so that players who analyse what things they did right and what they did wrong or relive the “OMG” moments that frequently occur in the game.

Youtuber  has uploaded a video which shows him in some form of spectator mode in the game, he says it is not a glitch and that he was messing around with game files and seemed to accidentally find his way onto the spectator mode.

Also it seems that he found a demo of the Recorder however it didn’t seem to be working and he was met with a black screen.

Spectator and recorder mode would be a useful feature and we wouldn’t be surprised if DICE was planning on implementing the modes.

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